Wilderness & Climate

Wilderness & Climate

I am excited to let you know about my new project an Artist in the Wilderness - my upcoming collaboration with climate scientists. I am heading to the remote far north to camp on a glacier and study climate change as an artist-in-residence. We will be flown into the back country where we will tent camp in -40 degree temps and get around on skis. I am fundraising to support this project. Please consider helping me by donating here.

In May I will be spending time with Karl Kreutz and Seth Campbell of the University of Maine in Kluane National Park in the Yukon Territory. Karl is a Professor who uses ice core chemistry to study the Earth's climate history primarily within the last 15000 years. Seth is a Research Assistant Professor who uses geophysics and modeling to study glacier systems in the Arctic and Antarctic. We will be on the Eclipse Ice Field - the largest non-polar ice field on the planet where they and their team will take ice cores to measure changes in CO2 levels over millennia. I will draw and photograph and take my lived experience of the ice field back to my studio to make work about what we learn about the changes in our climate and the wilderness experience on the ice. This shows last year's field work in the same location and will give a good sense of what we will be doing and what the conditions are likely to be there.

I will not be blogging the trip while it happens given no internet in the field but will write and post about it afterwards on my blog here. While I am an experienced hiker and backpacker this trip will be a stretch for me - I am working hard to be ready and am extremely excited about it.

To help sponsor my project you can donate via Fractured Atlas. They are my fiscal sponsor and donations through them are tax deductible. To sponsor me please go |here.www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/prof?

I would like to thank the following people who have generously supported this project to date:
Mark Thiesmeyer
Howard Worzel
Ed Sobel
Grace Chung - for the loan of a tent and some other gear
Angela Lenhardt - for the loan of a ski bag
Marlene Cooper
Mark Kotanchek
Sean Browne & Mimi Hollinger-Janzen
Pam & Jay Sinclair
Nereida Nazzaro
Ken Kozora
Graceann Warn
Marcia Hancock
Hedieh Briggs
Cat Crotchett
Prasad & Kusuma Sunkara
Brenda Miller & San Slomovits & their daughter Em
Deb Polich
Lynne Friman
Theresa Reid
Alan Sobel
W.A.P. John
Judith Rubenstein
Idelle Hammond Sass
Lore Rogets
Susan G Fecteau
John Gutoskey
Tracy Van den Bergh
Anne and Chris Savage
Sarah Gregory
Charles Jason Frenzel
Christy Kelly-Bentgen
Margaret Parker
Bev Wigney
Debra Claffey
David A Haig
Burnetta Swartz
Jacky Simmons & Richard Worzel
Doug Scott
Jane Forman
Laura Moriarty
Jane Cornish Smith
Lynn Raade