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Water Archive is a large-scale, participatory exhibition project being developed by artists Susan Hoffman Fishman and Leslie Sobel. They have titled the project an “archive” because like an archive, which is a consolidation of historic records for current and future generations on a given topic, it will consist of a comprehensive collection of 12” x 12” works of art, representing the memories, impressions and emotions about water in this era of climate change, by a group of 25+ nationally and internationally known artists. The project will also include a community based component with workshops focused on hyperlocal water issues at each venue. The goals of the project are to emphasize the importance of water for human and non-human survival as we face ever decreasing water resources and to encourage participants to become engaged as stewards of water in their own local communities.

Images shown are from Susan Hoffman Fishman, Leslie Sobel and two participating artists- Gina R Furnari and sTo Len.