Leslie Sobel is the artist daughter of two scientists. The dual perspective of art and science drives her work. Her work reflects her her deep focus on climate change and our disconnect from the natural world. She works integrating wilderness fieldwork in remote places with scientists and time in the studio. In 2017 she camped on an ice field in Yukon Territory with a group of glaciologists and she continues to collaborate with those and other climate scientists focusing on the effects of climate change on the high latitudes. Her BFA is from the University of Michigan, MFA from the University of Hartford. She works in mixed media frequently incorporating photography, scientific data and more traditional materials.

She has shown widely with numerous solo exhibitions and has curated a number as well. She worked in tech for a decade and did masters work in technology management. Her experiences as an activist, a mother of three adult children, a caregiver for a 90+ father, and former tech entrepreneur reflect the way many women are pulled in multiple directions - both strengthening and challenging her focus as an artist.